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Whether it’s a new corporate web site, event system, data analysis tools and more; JDU can provide a wealth and breadth of experience in order to achieve the solutions your business needs.

What We Do

Our solutions provide organizations access to critical data and analysis tools to inform the most important decision making.

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Our Expertise

Our solutions provide organizations access to critical data and analysis tools to inform the most important decision making.

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Web Solutions

Custom Development

Managed Infrastructure


Originally started in Canada, JDU is now a UK-based company specializing in Web and Software Development Management in the Web and Mobile Space.

Whether it's a custom application, integrations, new sites, refurbishing or more; JDU provides all the services needed to keep your

Organizations needs are changing rapidly with the advent of new technology, we provide Brolly, our development platform as a starting point fo all web-based development projects like Intranet sites, public web sites and more.

Sharing of data between organizations is hefty problem, however, users of the Brolly and Twine platforms have the ability to publicly share their data or privately sync to other organizations running the Twine and Brolly platforms.

To make sure nothing gets left behind and that the solution you ask for is the solution you get, we have a set workflow and tools we use to develop on any platform.


JDU provides a wide breadth of service and functions for all of our clients, from web development to infrastructure management and deployment we provide you with a single service provider for all of your web and technical needs.

  • Web Development
  • Your business or organization can benefit from a stronger web presence.
  • Web Site Consultation
  • Design
  • Responsive Development
  • Cross-Browser & User Testing
  • Affordable Managed Hosting
  • Custom Extensions
  • Custom Development
  • Whether it's a rapid prototype or a production-ready application or service, we can help build your solutions.
  • Technical Design & Documentation
  • Framework Based or Blank Slate
  • Source Code Release
  • JIRA-Based Project Management
  • Fully Managed Cloud Hosting
  • Have your site maintained and hosted by JDU in our Cloud Services. Take the mystery out of cloud hosting.
  • Nightly Backups
  • Redundancy
  • Updates and Patching
  • Priced based on Site Size
  • European-Based Services
  • Managed Scaling


with over 10 years of experience across the Financial, Accounting, Data Analysis, Web Development and Humanitarian sectors we can provide a wide cross-section of platforms and language development in order to suit client needs.

Don't see what you're interested in above? Why not contact us, we only list the major proficiences but we know how to use plenty of other development resources, we're a polyglot team that uses whatever the best solution to a specific problem is based on our own research and experience.


We're sticklers for paperwork, we take as much joy in planning & designing what we're going to build as we do in the building itself. There are a few different things we use on a daily basis, outlined below so you can see how we manage our workflows.


We use JIRA, a well-known industry-wide adopted software solution for managing Agile and Non-Agile projects. It helps us keep track of what needs doing and by who on a day-to-day basis.

Google Docs

Sometimes JIRA is too much for a job, for those smaller one-offs and short-of-a-week jobs we use Google Docs to share and manage project documentation.

GitHub & BitBucket

We use git source control for managing revisions and changes to project code, but to make it easier for clients to see what's going on (if they want to) or to allow cross-team collaboration within the company or with external developers we use GitHub and Bitbucket to hold and manage our source control.

Good Ole' Paper & Pen

Everything starts with notes, drawings, diagrams and lists, nothing goes into digital format until it's been thought through and brainstormed on paper to make sure all the kinks have been worked out.

Managed Hosting

We use Amazon AWS's cloud services to support and develop our clients applications and projects. It allows us the flexibility and scalability needed to meet the demand of changing traffic and load requirements.


All of our servers come redundant out of the box, ensuring that your application or site stays up.


Nightly backups mean that in case of a catastrophe, the data and code is there ready to be re-deployed so we can get your site live and functioning again as quickly as possible.


Utilizing Amazons various services we can provide a wide variety of functionality for your application and side including SMS messaging, inter-application communications, automated email systems, content delivery networks and more.


Amazons EC2 architecture easily allows us to provision or reduce resources on demand in order to keep applications and sites running smoothly.

Jobs & Opportunities


At JDU we're always looking for new talent, if you think you'd be a good fit and you are in the U.K. or Canada, why not drop us a line with your info, resume and some work samples.

We may get you to do a little programming test depending on what position we're looking to fill at the moment. Nothing that will take more than an hour or so though!

Must Haves

No matter what position you're applying for, here are some of the things we like to see in a candidate

  • Experience with Git & SCM
  • A willingness & drive to learn
  • Good English Communication Skills (Spoken/Written)
  • Ability to Adapt
Current Openings
Junior Web Developer

We’re looking for a Full-Time/Permanent Junior Web Developer to join a small (but growing) team in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire working in the Media, Marketing and Small Business sectors.

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We're always around and located in the Cotswolds, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire specifically in a small office along Bath Rd. Swing by and visit our small office.

JDU Software & Consulting
114 Bath Rd, Cheltenham
GL53 7JX, United Kingdon

p: +44 07500 339 461